Welcome to the Minnesota Antiques Dealers Association

MADA was founded in 1973 as an association of individual dealers to promote the knowledge of antiques through special educational events and our annual MADA member-sponsored spring antique show.

MADA Mission Statement

To support antique dealers, encourage the education of our members
and the collecting public, and follow the MADA Code of Ethics.

MADA Code of Ethics

  • In all their dealing, members of the Minnesota Antiques Dealers Association, Inc. shall adhere to moral and ethical standards of conduct so as to command respect and confidence.
  • You, your associates or employees will not knowingly misrepresent any item held for sale, including its condition, age, or authenticity.
  • Members agree to make available a written memorandum on which will appear the selling price and a detailed description of the article sold.
  • Members will strive to increase their personal knowledge of antiques and encourage educational activities on behalf of the collecting public.
  • Each member agrees to price all items in dollars and cents.